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Mexico Villa rentals

Holiday Mexican Villas - Vacation Rentals mostly located
in Puerto Vallarta and Cabo. Book your Villa in Mexico at www.rentavilla.com

Cabo San Lucas
Puerto Vallarta


Villa rentals in Puerto Vallarta – PV

No other place in Mexico offers both the best of the country's natural beauty and an authentic dose of its vibrant culture. Check our Villa rentals in Puerto Vallarta now!

Villa rentals in Cabo

The bay of Cabo San Lucas, at the southernmost tip of Baja, was once a base for pirate ships waiting to pounce on Spanish treasure ships. but it quickly earned a reputation for the marlin that could be caught here. In recent years, it has rapidly become the focal point of Los Cabos: million-dollar condos have sprung up, palms have been transplanted, golf courses have been laid, water has been piped in from San José and everywhere is kept pristine. Check our Villa Rentals in Los Cabos now!


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