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Green Coast - Porto

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Casa da Toje

Cabeceiras de Basto, Braga

Sleeps 22   Baths 11
Pool ✓   Internet ✓  
Week starting at $9,608

Positioned in the romantic valley of the Tamega River, Casa da Toje is a beautiful 17th century manor house. Restored in 1979, it has retained its former glory! It is just kilometers from Cabeceiras de Basto, which is known for its Baroque Mosteiro de Refojos, with its splendid dome (108 ft ) ...more

Casa Jose

Ponte de Lima, Viana do Castel

Sleeps 20   Baths 10
Pool ✓   Internet ✓   View ✔  
Week starting at $4,435

Casa Jose is a lovely manor house surrounded by vineyards and was renovated in 2001. This estate offers 10 en-suite bedrooms (3 with double bedrooms and 7 with twin bedrooms) and accommodates up to 20 guests comfortably. All the bedrooms have en suite private bathrooms, served by vast ...more

Ponte De Lima Mansion

Ponte de Lima, Viana do Castel

Sleeps 18/36   Baths 9
Pool ✓   View ✔  
Week starting at $18,334

.Situated among beautiful rolling hills above the Lima valley is the Ponte De Lima Mansion offering you stunning views of the countryside that are decorated with terraced vineyards, landscaped gardens, and woodlands. You will feel the magic of the mansion and it\'s surroundings as you enter ...more

Casa de Lima

Ponte de Lima, Viana do Castel

Sleeps 14   Baths 5
Pool ✓   View ✔  
Week starting at $5,765

Casa de Lima is a large villa that was built in 1652 with a spectacular view of the Lima valley. The traditional architecture gives the brightness of ochra walls with red tile roofs featuring stone windows, towers, chimneys and balconies. Stairway, walkway, and roof corners are decorated with ...more

Quinta Penha

Guimaraes, Braga

Sleeps 8   Baths 4
Pool ✓   Internet ✓   View ✔  
Week starting at $4,004

Quinta Penha is located on the hill of Penha with magnificent views. Experience tranquility while enjoying rich Portuguese history. The house has four bedrooms each with ensuite bathroom. Nearby is the village of Guimaraes which is celebrated as the birthplace of the nation. In 1139 Afonso ...more

Casa Torrina

Ponte de Lima, Viana do Castel

Sleeps 2/6   Baths 3
Pool ✓   View ✔  
Week starting at $1,121

You will enter Casa Torrina through a lovely 18th century gateway and into a spacious courtyard surrounded by the picturesque view of the lavish green countryside, River Lima, and the charming little walled town of Ponte de Lima. The baroque architecture used in this era during the reign of King ...more

Quinta Rose

Ponte de Lima, Viana do Castel

Sleeps 2/12   Baths 6
Pool ✓   View ✔  
Week starting at $961

This 19th century manor house was built around an ancient farmhouse. It has an exceptional panoramic view of Ponte de Lima and the river. This comfortable house is perfect for those who appreciate the tranquility of the region. The house accomodates twelve people in six bedrooms, each with an ...more

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Known as the birthplace of the nation of Portugal, the Green Coast has two of the country’s most historic cities. Its first capital is Guimaraes and Braga is the country’s religious center. Life in this area is very traditional. It’s common to see ox-drawn carts still in use. Agriculture thrives thanks to the abundant rainfall that makes it the greenest area in Portugal. Be sure to see the open markets that take place in all the towns, where farmers come to sell their wares. You’re sure to be treated as a special guest in our villa rentals, where the service is some of the best in Europe!

Rentavilla.com provides Portugal villa rentals on the Green Coast and Porto. Find your Portugal luxury Villa Rental, house or apartment now !

Tips for Traveling and Renting in Green Coast - Porto

The Green Coast includes the beautiful city of Porto and the Minho region which is the most northerly province of Portugal and one of the most deeply traditional region in Europe. A Pastoral Paradise, the Minho is a country of vineyards and woodlands, spectacular beaches and magnificent mountains.This wonderful area is famous for its hundreds of markets, country fairs and festivals which punctuate the year with amazing frequency.

On the Green Coast the vine is king, growing rampant just about everywhere. Vinho verde means young wine and is red and white. Glorious ancestral homes grace this pastoral landscape forming the greatest collection of grand mansions in the country. A lot of those mansions have been in the same families for centuries and it is not unsual to have a menber of the family burried on the properties. This must-experience region includes the delightful town of Ponte de Lima,Guimaraes, Braga and Viana do Castello on the Ocean side.It is a wonderful place to enjoy great food, excellent wines, superb outdoors and fantastic history.Many pilgrimages to Santiago de Compostella in nearby Spain depart from this area.The Portuguese people is very hospitable.Food is excellent and wines delightful.

Houses and villas - There is a wide variety of houses which have been built over the centuries by the rich Portuguese conquistadores back from Asia,Africa and America.The Architecture as well as the furnishings are very much influenced by the colonies.Recently, some wealthy Portuguese have built new modern houses. Most of those houses are located near Ponte de Lima and close to the Coast.They vary a lot in size, comfort and elegance.

Quintas - Quintas are usually large estates and Manor Houses built by the wealthy Portuguese navigators back from the colonies. They vary greatly in size, architecture and comfort. Howevr, they all are usually rustic, with very thick walls and authentic furnishings. The Portuguese owners of those wondeful mansions have got together to create a fantastic accomodation network. The Europen community financed a great deal of the renovation work many of those properties have undertaken in the last ten years. Today, those unique mansions accomodate travelers from around the world. Part of the money collected for the rentals is used for the maintance of the houses and grounds. Many of those houses have pools.Those houses can be rented by the room, by apartment or as a whole. Each rental includes breakfast. Usually, the owners live in the house and have totally private quarters.

Bed and Breakfast - Often the large houses described above offer a number of rooms available for rent and breakfast is served either in the dining room or in your own room. This arrangement works very well for people who want to blend in the local culture, meet with the owners and consequently get a true taste of the Portuguese lifestyle.Dinners can also be served on request.The houses are usually rustic and furnished with many authentic pieces of antiques. Portugal is to become the next country to discover and appreciate for its deeply-rooted traditions,rich culture and gorgeous landscape.


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