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Riad Marrakech

Marrakech , Palmeraie, Marrakech

Sleeps 16   Baths 8
Pool ✓   A/C ✓   Internet ✓   Jacuzzi ✔   View ✔  
Week starting at $19,200

Riad Marrakech is sure to delight! Riad Marrakech sits on 4-acres, has 8-bedrooms and can accommodate up to 16 guests. It is located in an exclusive area of the Palmeraie, a grove of one hundred and fifty thousand palm trees with amazing views of the Atlas and Jebl Ette Mountains. On the North ...more

Riad Marrakech 1

Marrakech , Palmeraie, Marrakech

Sleeps 10   Baths 5
Pool ✓   A/C ✓   Internet ✓   Jacuzzi ✔   View ✔  
Week starting at $10,800

If you are looking for something that will always be remembered, Riad Marrakech 1 sits on 4-acres in Morocco and has 5 bedrooms. There is an interior courtyard, two roof terraces, private pond shaped swimming pool, garden hot tub, shared tennis court, and a shared large subterranean Hammam (a ...more

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Marrakech Villa Rentals - Luxury holiday and vacation villas to rent in Marrakech - Morocco. Discover our Marrakech Villa Rentals at Rentavilla.com

Marrakech Villa Rentals - Luxury holiday and vacation villas to rent in Marrakech - Morocco. Discover our Marrakech Villa Rentals at Rentavilla.com

Tips for Traveling and Renting in Marrakech

Our RentaVilla.com villas and Riads are just outside the fascinating Imperial city of Marrakesh, set against the backdrop of the majestic Atlas and Jbel Ette Mountains. The city is nearby, large and beautiful, noisy, full of history, and considered the cultural center of Morocco. After a busy day amidst carpet salesmen, fire jugglers, and noisy souqs, you can return to your own Riad hideaway and enjoy a cup of mint tea in a nice quiet courtyard.

Come to find out, this fascinating country in Northern Africa borders the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, situated between Algeria and Western Sahara and just south of Spain. It's the one and only featured in the motion picture "Casablanca", with Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, remember now?

Morocco is slightly larger than the state of California, and just over 32 million people live there. Populated by the fierce and indigenous Berbers and conquered by the Arabs 1300 years ago, this exotic and little-known kingdom is the bridge between Europe and Africa.

Morocco enjoys a Mediterranean climate, with more extremes in the interior of the country. We think it best to try and avoid the summer heat and crowds and visit in the cooler months between September and May (now!). And from mid-January to mid-February there is usually enough snowfall in the Atlas Mountains to accommodate skiers!

The official language is Arabic, but because it was a French territory until Morocco won its independence in 1956, French is still the language of business, government, and diplomacy. Although there is a residing king and royal family, the people are steadily moving towards political freedom, and the country has now established its own legislature and recently had parliamentary and municipal elections.

Economically speaking, Morocco faces problems typical of developing countries. Severe droughts in the 1990's contributed to a stagnant economy from the agricultural sector, but then favorable rainfalls began in 2003 and have led to substantial growth. The country seems well on its way to freer trade with the European Union and the United States, improving education, and the attraction of foreign investment to boost living standards and job prospects for its people.


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